Lynn Inc. Overview
Lynn Incorporated is a geophysical consulting company specializing in the use of  p-wave and shear-wave seismic anisotropy for detection and characterization of fractured reservoirs. Gas-filled fractures and/or unequal horizontal stresses cause seismic anisotropy (azimuthal anisotropy). Dr. Heloise Bloxsom Lynn and Dr. Walter Lynn founded the company in 1984 in Houston, Texas.
Our clients have included many major and large independent E&P companies worldwide.  Additionally, we have performed R&D projects for the U.S. Dept. of Energy during the mid 1990's. The DOE works included field-demonstrations of the proportional relationship between the contrast in  shear wave splitting, at a boundary (reflector),  as measured in S1-S1 and S2-S2 reflection seismic data, and the azimuthal variation in the P-wave AVO signature, at the same boundary (reflector). 

Lynn Inc. offers consulting advice on 3-D PP, PS and SS acquisition design, QC/QA of processing, and interpretation, anisotropic modeling and integration of VSP borehole, image logs and geo-mechanical modeling.  We work to obtain for our clients properly designed 3-D full-azimuth, full-offset surveys with sufficient fold in at least two azimuth sectors to achieve full imaging power.  We quality control the processing and will train in-house staff to interpret azimuthal seismic, or provide the interpretation  for our clients.  The integration of support data (VSP, borehole images, logs and in-situ stress data) are part of our interpretation products. We have associations with numerous vendors, contractors and industry experts to help with any project aspects, such as geo-mechanical modeling, that require out-sourcing. 

Multi-azimuth seismic surveys, regardless of wave type (PP, PS, or SS), require combining, or co-rendering,  multiple azimuthal measurements to interpret full azimuth data.  Lynn Inc. has pioneered the co-rendering of multiple attributes, such as azimuthal interval velocity and azimuthal AVO information, for extracting meaningful reservoir information. 

Heloise Lynn started work in seismic anisotropy in 1980 inside Amoco, and worked with Dr. Leon Thomsen and Rusty Alford from 1981-1984 on applications of shear wave anisotropy and P-wave anisotropy.  Since forming Lynn Inc in 1985, she has consulted in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of multi-azimuth p-wave and shear-wave projects for the purpose of reservoir characterization.  She is now considered one of the leading experts in this field - a fact that is underscored by being the SEG and AAPG Distinguished Lecturer for the Fall of 2004.  

Walter Lynn worked with Western Geophysical R&D from 1980 though 1990 and then with Petroleum Geo-services through 2002. He served as Executive Vice President of PGS Data Processing from 1991-1994 and President of PGS Data Processing from 1994-1999.    He complements Heloise's skills with expertise in 3-D  and multi-component projects and acts as the Chief Operating Officer of Lynn Inc.   Walt had the honor of serving as President of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists for the 2001-02 term.   

P.O. Box 366   �   La Veta, CO  81055   �   Tel: 719-742-3607 or 719-742-5145