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We use Surfer, a mapping package sold by Golden Software. Surfer enables the posting of (in order below), plus calibration data (independent measurements):
1. Structure (time or depth): a contour map.
2. The azimuthal interval velocity icon, constructed as azimuth=azimuth VINTfast, the stiff direction, the local max horizontal stress direction; color=VINTslow, related to the lithology, porosity, pore content, and minimum horizontal stress. The min hor stress is what must be overcome to open fractures (stimulate the rock hydraulically); Length=VINTfast-slow = the azimuthal variation in the interval velocity, which is proportional to the max-min horizontal stress (the horizontal stress anisotropy).
3. A background color: a property of interest (brittleness, lambda-rho, mu-rho, curvature, TOC, min amplitude, max amplitude, average AVO gradient, etc.)
4. The azimuthal amplitude icon, constructed as azimuth=azimuth of interpreted fracture azimuth (determined via modeling and use of calibration data), color=max-min amplitude (related to the azimuthal variation of the amplitude measurement), length=reliability=[max-min value]/[RMS error in the fit of cosine2theta to the data]. Reliabilities>2, or more, required in order for icon to appear on map.
Co-rendering multiple seismic attributes
to identify reservoir properties